About This Journal


Journal of the Korean Geo-Environmental Society[JKGES] is an e-journal published monthly by the Korean Geo-Environmental Society. The first edition of the Journal was published in 2000, with an aim to develop technologies to improve the geo-environmental engineering practice. The scope of topics covered in the journal include the following: specification and behavior of the ground and contamination source, antipollution and restoration, behavior of ground water and inlet water, ground preservation and remedial technology, investigation of soil and ground water.

All manuscripts are peer-reviewed. International standards for editors and authors should be referred and applied.

The journal provides bibliographic information through domestic journal citation information and is indexed in the Korea Citation Index (KCI). Full-text is freely available in the official website; https://journal.kges.or.kr.

The manuscripts for submittal should be sent to the Society office by email (kges7888@hanmail.net). All copyrights are reserved by Korean Geo-Environmental Society.